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The History of Susan's Seasoning

Over 40 years ago our family bought a recipe for seasoning to put on game at game hunts. Over the years my mom added and changed the recipe to get the exact taste that a great cook would like. Our product has never been on the commercial market before.

My husband and I (after getting out of the cattle business) were thinking of what to do to make a living. Since I had bought the recipe from my mother some years ago and had given samples to many of our friends, they all said we should be selling out product on the retail market. So we decided to do just that, and now you can enjoy that delicious taste on your next meal. Our products are made from the best quality spices we can find, so a little added to your favorite dish will add a great flavor.

Just sprinkle on about as much as you would normally flavor with just salt. Tastes vary so you may desire a little more or a little less.

Susan’s Seasoning may be used on baked, broiled, or fried foods but the very best is hickory smoked or charbroiled.



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