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Susan's Seasoning

Susan's Seasoning is an all-purpose seasoning that seals the moisture in the meat to help keep it tender and juicy so you can assimilate the nutrition easier. It is low sodium and not a significant source of sugar so it can be used by diabetics to enhance the flavor of your food plus note there is no MSG or tenderizer in our product only the highest quality spices available.

Ingredients: Salt, sugar, paprika, natural flavorings and spices.

Nutritional Information: Serving Size - 1.1g; Calories - 0; Fat Calories - 0; Carbohydrates - 0; Sodium - 260mg; Vitamin A - 2% RDA (Not a signficant source of calories from fat, saturaged fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin C, calcium and iron.

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Susan's Heavenly Chili Mix

The secret for award winning chili is Susan’s Heavenly Chili Mix. This mix has won many cook-offs and sure to do the same for you, either with your own family and friends or crowds anywhere. Susan’s Heavenly Chili Mix contains no MSG and our product is made from only the highest quality spices available. Makes six (6) eight oz. Servings.

Ingredients: Chili Pepper, Salt, Corn Flour, Cumin, Sugar, Spices, Red Pepper, and Paprika.

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Special Recipes
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Recipe information here, Susan please email to me.

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